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    Woah!! What to do when you're really tired of everything?? You job, family, wife, kids, friends.... ? What to do when you are this lost?

    Give me a pair of advices guys... I feel this day is near

    • read camusGnash
    • exercisemoldero
    • Thanks, and yes, need to exercise, too much work lately and little time for me...OBBTKN
    • Use alcohol as a cheap escape of reality? :)NBQ00
    • Also don't get married and have kids = life is easier and when you have enough of everything you can go wherever you want.NBQ00
    • Fix your sleep. I've had great improvement since taking l-tryptophan, some people are low in this natural amino, it's helped my sleep greatly also kinda calmingrobotron3k
    • just wait till spring startsuan
    • Gnash, thanks for the Camus suggestion, totally in-line with my personal philosophy, he’s fascinating._niko
    • Though I’m not yet sure why he rejects nihilism so much when there are obvious commonalities between it and absurdism._niko
    • because nihilism is... well, nihilistic!Gnash
    • "...all that matter is – is the will to happiness, a kind of enormous, ever-present consciousness. The rest; women, art, success – is nothing but excuses...."Gnash
    • Realize that a lot people have it much worse than you. Be thankful for what you have.Hayoth
    • Get outside, hike, run, exert yourself physically, spend more time in the natural world. This helped me so much.thumb_screws
    • Watch a man restoring a vice:…Wolfboy
    • Wolfboy, thanks for that video.notype
    • You buy a Harley.pango
    • Your not going to like it but you just have to suck it up. If you find something that helps all the power to you but just don't give up.eryx
    • Be the man your dog thinks you are.eryx
    • volunteerok_not_ok
    • get a hobby and power through - you have responsibilities now dude.trooperbill
    • do you, buddy. just you. workout, do shit you always wanted to do but postpoined or shy-ed away from that puts smile on face. It will make you feel amazing andBoz
    • make people around you happier too. Do shit that you were too chicken to do, go learn to dance or rock climbing or whatever you thought you couldn't.Boz
    • Happiness & satisfaction comes from within and nobody can provide it. Find challenges and overcome them. I did that, and it took a long time to realize it trulyBoz
    • Thanks all, not in this situation yet... But I feel I'm on the way.OBBTKN
    • Ah! And you guys rock!!OBBTKN
    • Sounds like a midlife crisis to me. Buy a new car or find a new hobby that you wanted todo all your lifemilfhunter
    • You're not gonna like what I have to say; Sit on the end of your bed, and pray, just let it out, speak all your truths into the open, ask for help. It will comerobthelad
    • Do the whole30 diet and clean yourself out, body and mind! You can't drink alcohol but you can smoke the devil's lettuce!davey_g
    • you buy a convertible.pango
    • walking, nature, hikes, working out, less time on social media, carve out the time to take care of yourself. Also, special activities with the wife and kids...exador1
    • take the time to have 'me time' but also make time for family fun... nature hikes with the kids, date nights with your wife.exador1
    • I'm turning 47 this year, and celebrating my 20th anniversary. my kids are now both in highschool.exador1
    • burnout is a real thing, but you can recharge those batteries man. and remember, YOU made these choices. your kids depend on you to be the super dadexador1
    • you're supposed to be. You want them to look back on their childhood with joy and happiness...not misery.exador1
    • and your wife chose you as a partner for the journey. Time to man up and BE the husband and father you know you can be.exador1
    • invest in yourself. and invest in your family. at the end of the day, it's all you have. No one is going to remember that 'awesome' design you did. but yourexador1
    • kids and your wife will remember all the special times and moments. so recharge, re-invest, and spread the love, dude.exador1
    • I get it Exador, nothing new in all this... We're in our 19th aniversary this year, and I'm 47 too in may. Allways been the good guy, husband, father, son...OBBTKN
    • Simply, I'm getting tired, too much weight sometimes... Meh! I'll manage, but it's been a good read guys. Srly. Thank you allOBBTKN

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