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    Want to put together an online portfolio, but have no skills in web development, so I'm considering one of those super simple web templates, like a squarespace or wix. Are these my best options for creating and maintaining a simple portfolio for a non web designer? Can I use them with my own domain? Are these really that frowned upon for designers who just want to show work without the fuss of building a custom site from scratch?

    • I once used Apple's free WYSIWYG website builder, and then Adobe Muse, but both were discontinued, so DIY feels out of reach.monospaced
    • portfolio site is fine on squarespace. or I have a great wordpress theme. I would happily help if we could all share personal deets on herefadein11
    • and yes you can use your own domain whatever path you choose.fadein11
    • if you have your own adobe CC account (as opposed to an employe one) they have a portfolio site included with the subscription-- it can also have custom domainGnash
    • indeed but when I tried typing it I realized it’s banned here ;)monospaced
    • Not that one... :) This:…
    • has nice minimal templates, ability to add password and very easy to maintain.robotron3k
    • square space is your best option mono.utopian
    • the adobe one is freeGnash
    • Thanks all.monospaced
    • Thanks too, I have the very same questineMrT
    • you best share once your site is up, mono :)PonyBoy
    • try cargo collective.. I used it a while back it was pretty good specifically for portfoliosBoz
    • I would share but there are some creeeps on QBN that have forced me to become anonymous. When someone emails you and knows your address that’s it.monospaced
    • I regularly want to post work here but am afraid of adding the company logo because of the ridicule.monospaced
    • The reason I need a site is because I want to look for more work and I need one to present. Even if temporary.monospaced
    • I would love to see your work, but I would not post the link, there are a few creepy stalking trolls here. You never know what they might do to you.utopian
    • Thanks. I don’t even know if you’re joking or not, but I have a family and the kind of creepy shit I’ve received is not cool.monospaced
    • Not joking, that's why I don't post my work up here anymore. The troll farm would love to do personal damage.utopian
    • update later on. curious to hear what your experience was with whatever you end up usingGnash
    • SquarespaceHayoth
    • I use squarespace. It was pretty easy to set up, and looks pretty good.Frosty_spl
    • has anybody used adobe's portfolio site?Gnash
    • squarespace.hotroddy
    • yes, adobe portfolio is the fastest way to do a presentable can map your url to it, password protect areas, use images, videos, every kind of media.uan
    • I'll admit I'm that creep. I will send dickbutt to your phone and email.pango
    • css grid, bit of javascript, pinch of php and job is done, if you do your self, you can add HTML, CSS, JS, Php to your CV.shapesalad
    • oh pango, it’s the guys who say they’ll drive 300 miles to see me after pointing out my address and the names of my wife and child that freak me outmonospaced
    • I’ll look into both squarespace and adobes offering. And maybe I’ll get the balls to post some real work here soon. Be nice.monospaced
    • I know exactly who you're talking about.pango
    • 15 E 15th St, New York, NY 10003utopian
    • Semplice template will take you very far.noRGB
    • how do we share contact info?canoe
    • Adobe Portfolio or Squarespace good yep. Wordpress and a theme is super simple too. Very easy to get that up and running.pedromendez

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