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  • NBQ003

    Got a new iMac Pro at work recently. What a great machine, love it. Absolute joy to work with and this iMac still looks great and even better in space grey/ black. The bluetooth keyboard & trackpad are so lovely too.

    Can't wait to see the new redesign of the iMac/ pro later this year.

    • they are redesigning the iMac too?ernexbcn
    • Yes, either later this year along the Mac Pro's release or next year. But I'm sure we'll see a complete Mac refresh this year + new Apple Displays.NBQ00
    • jelly! but so many moneysGnash
    • The screen alone is amazing. Sad it’s the only place anyone can get one is soldered into an iMac!monospaced
    • If you like the screen so much just cut the middleman out and get an LG ;)zarkonite
    • It's $1300monospaced

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