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  • Bennn0

    Albums come and go in Spotify. Your playlists you carefully built can see songs disappearing without you even know it.

    Is this true?

    • What isn't true, Bennnn?
      The important thing is to Imagine.
    • In your settings you can check a box that keeps those tracks visible (though not playable) in your playlistspl33nidoru
    • What do you mean by albums come and go? I've been using it for 6+ years and I've never noticed an album not be available.mg33
    • Nope, not true. In the event the song isn't available on Spotify any longer, which is totally normal, it just grays out.monospaced
    • ^not exactly true. My fave van morrison album - tupelo honey, simply isn't on there. maybe it has never been.sarahfailin
    • Annoying AF! Tried playing Jimi Tenor Saxentric the other day... Gone!spunji
    • Van Morrison has kinda been anti-streaming for years. He only allowed his stuff on any platform for a limited time, but pulled it again.monospaced
    • basically, it's not available on any streaming service, not even iTunesmonospaced

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