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    Have a cheap vps at a hosting provider, just to manage the domain what will be used for access, and some maybe vpn+emergency backup.

    One local server has access to that domain and can communicate outside the local network. Simple shared folders would do to manage the files and some of the machines can be reached trough this one.

    Don't use offsite development servers, you can create a clean or specialized environment in an hour or so (x-code download usually takes an hour :D) in hyper-v or vmware.

    Use one machine for storage what you can mount into any device around the network, keep this simple and smart, build a backup strategy based on this.

    we have like 3 main folders and use the materia/work/product project dir layout
    /work folders have daily backups
    /product are done weekly
    on aws.

    and you have to do all of that on 1gbps min.

    • thats basically the setup we have, but i had to cut the text because i don't want to give out details.sted
    • Thanks - appreciate your insight - very helpful!rodzilla
    • I honestly think this is exactly what we are doing the problem lies within gnash's supplied link above - fuggin' upload speedrodzilla
    • we had 1gbps for 2 years that was awesome, right now we're fine with 2 250mbps fibers, one dedicated to the project related.sted
    • lol i'm drunk but you got it, right now it sucks because the workers doubled... so yeah if you don't have a prop connection forget it :Dsted

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