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    dropbox business may work for you.…

    I used it at a company I was rebranding where all the key players were all over the place. It was a fairly easy sell to the bean-counters because it involved no capital purchases and was easily scalable.

    We initially used the adobe cloud drive (since they already had adobe team accounts) but it was super annoying for a various reason. Dropbox was a no brainer in comparison.

    • they also already had a VPN but it sucked ass, as wellGnash
    • +1

      I use the personal account between 2 employees and 2 machines and it works a charm; thought of the business account but only makes sense with 3+ employees.
    • ^ true. look into the Individual Pro account which includes Smart Sync (which is an awesome feature)Gnash
    • We smart sync'd the shared assets (photo library, brand elements, etc) so they didn't need to live on peoples laptops.Gnash
    • We have about 20 employees - two full-time dev offsite which isn't an issue - the VPN just sucks takes like 5 mins to write a 60KB pdf.rodzilla
    • I've never worked with a corp's VPN that was good. remote access has always sucked, slow, constant drops, log-in issues, permissions labyrinths...Gnash
    • some vpn insight:
    • well shit gnash....rodzilla

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