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  • pauliusuza25

    Launched my own olive oil co - bottle and design all done by me

    • AwesomeSalarrue
    • cooloey
    • nice - whats 'ultra premium' about it? (not being a dick about it just genuinely curious)mugwart
    • +1utopian
    • well done. You live on Crete?Calderone2000
    • great. best of luck with this.lowimpakt
    • Do people collect olive oil? (also not being a dick)dopepope
    • Yeah all done by hand, the way we’ve done it for millennia._niko
    • sorry dope, read do people collect olives, I guess you're asking it olive oil is a collectors item that increases in value etc._niko
    • yea. what would be the significance of 'limited edition' for food stuffs?dopepope
    • I guess, if it's the good stuff, then they'd use it for the important meals. like fine wine.dopepope
    • Thank you all for comments and wishes.
      @Calderone2000 yes, I live in Crete for a year now.
      @mugwart it's hand made, great quality and taste, limited quantity
    • Olive oil should not be kept for more than a few years or "aged", the quality decreases over time depending on how it's kept, it's simply hard to find good one.pauliusuza
    • A good olive oil is really something else.ben_
    • Looks like shampoo.freedom
    • samplers please.ok_not_ok
    • "Extra Virgin" - it's not even watched porn or touched itself! ;) Beautiful product you have.microkorg
    • Like!maquito
    • good luck - need quality "hand made" stuff in the world.mugwart
    • I am Dr. Bakare Tunde, for more information on how to claim free moneys check out my profile!HomoPony
    • nice! i haven't recovered from my families olive grooves having burned down back in 2007. some of those trees were over 300 years old.Gnash
    • had always planned to go back and do something like this. We used ours just for family. only produced about 2000 litres/yearGnash
    • Nice work! I was on Crete this summer. So many nice beaches (Loutraki, Marathi, Stavros...) and Cretans are ridiculously awesome people.Milan
    • srsly selling olive oil for 10x its worth with a lazy ass minimal design label makes me vomitmekk
    • Dude, the same thing could be said about every single high end product, people spend more on things that look premium so why not?_niko
    • ^ no, a true "high end product" defines itself trough quality and someone being responsibe for it. This is just re-badged greek oil with some low effort salesmekk
    • website. I happily pay for quality, but not for some labels. Half of the pictures on this shop template site is stock, not even bothered to edit.mekk
    • Just google greek oil from crete, you'll find hundreds of "brands" selling the exact same oil in fancy bottlesmekk
    • @mekk, shop is custom made and only one image is stock (the food pic), the rest we picked, bottled, designed and shot ourselves. Why the hate?pauliusuza
    • because these kind of products swarm all over amazon FBA and destroy the environment. You have obviously nothing to do with oils, you just sell it and brand it.mekk
    • It's our duty as designers to create decent, well-made products that feed the pretensions of rich egoists and enable us to transfer some of their cashNairn
    • ...into our pockets.Nairn
    • @mekk, quite on the contrary. It took me a year to learn every bit of the olive oil production process and to put this product together.pauliusuza
    • @mekk for posterity, here's a pic of me harvesting olives:…pauliusuza
    • amazing, ask anyone who harvests olives, worst fucking job in the world lol._niko
    • so maybe you tell your story more, expand the site. Mekk has a point even though he's being a hater :) stand out from the generic crowd. you are your oil._niko
    • Thanks @_niko! Will dopauliusuza
    • Yeah, the website doesn't quite match the minimalist promise of the item itself..
    • how'd you end up in a small village in crete? i've driven through that village, btw.Gnash
    • I didnt mean to insult anyone. Sorry for that. I just hate making overdesigned luxury products out of everyday stuff because I believe this is irresponsiblemekk
    • towards our environment. See, every little shit thingy is luxury now and hooh haah everything. We need to stop this excessive consume and and a stupid €40mekk
    • olive oil from the other end of the world is the least thing that helps us preserve our world.mekk
    • Good point, that’s why I only get local olive oil from Scunthorpe._niko
    • ...From the sun drenched groves of Scunthorpe._niko
    • Scunthorpe._niko
    • mekk's in Germany, not middle England, Niko :)Nairn
    • i absolutely loathe rich shit ego bling, but if someone wants to pay over the odds for fancy oil, and uses an efficent global supply chain to do so, so fuck?Nairn
    • Yeah exactly, doesnt make sense, should he try buying German olive oil? Should we buy Greek cars? Lol_niko
    • I you don't want to understand it then why even try, Niko? I'm not against olive oil. I'm against producing waste to make regular products shiny and expensive.mekk
    • Your ire's better aimed at regular needless flights & holidays, cruise ships, big expensive cars, large over-energied houses..Nairn
    • ..rather than a limited edition run of a consumable product that simply replaces its like for a period, and then the bottle's often held-onto.Nairn
    • Seems a bit pointless, spiteful and impotent to be railing against something as innocuous as this, which a fellow QBNer's obviously put their heart into.Nairn
    • I avoid this stuff as much as I avoid the stuff you mentioned, but I primarily try to avoid falling for the thinking behind it.mekk
    • I get what you're saying but this isn't putting gold flake on a hamburger and selling it for $100 or tapwater in fancy bottles selling for $10 a pop_niko
    • no, it's about selling olive oil for €70/l lolmekk
    • Well, I guess I won't be posting my bespoke maple syrup side-hustle for you guys to ripGnash

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