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  • NBQ002

    Maybe down to 3k and below now?

    • If BTC goes lower than 3200 it's gonna be a big crash. I think it will make a double bottom at 3200. or this could be a higher-low and we'll be up from here.sarahfailin
    • Big banks own most of the Bitcoin, so now big banks dictate its value. This chapter of crypto is now closed.Krassy
    • so basically, it could go down or upmonospaced
    • and this is based on nothing but it going up or down and people acting on that, and nothing to do with actual value or business of bitcoinmonospaced
    • What value? What business?SlashPeckham
    • Big banks foiled it before it could become anything. Game over. NextKrassy
    • exactly, Slash, there is nonemonospaced
    • why is it a crash? no one cares about how much some idiot pays of a sting of numbersmekk

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