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    Many thanks for your help! I spent some time going through other CSS files, and it was indeed an issue in the js_composer.css file, which (holy hell) was around 16,000+ lines long. I simply deleted section after section after section in Safari's dev tools until I eventually saw that white background go away, then narrowed down the issue to:

    .vc_row[data-vc-full-width] {
    -webkit-transition: opacity .5s ease;
    -o-transition: opacity .5s ease;
    transition: opacity .5s ease;

    It was overflow:hidden causing the issue. Switched to "none" flushed cache a few times, and problem solved. i think I'm going to have to keep this change in the actual js_composer file, which means if any theme updates take place I have to go back and modify it (an override with !important in my site css didn't work) and get it back to normal.

    Holy hell, I'm so happy I / we figured this out. More to come...

    • i kno its ugly but better than directly modding the parent theme or vc:
      !important or the visual composer custom style override wasn't working?
    • nice find anyhow :)sted

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