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  • PonyBoy8

    The song is about 2 people contemplating fucking by the fireplace... nothing more ffs.

    Her (the girl in the song... or maybe that's a trans man... who knows? //I see that's now an important factor in this argument now) only concern is what people will think... she wants dick as much as he wants pussy... what the fuck is wrong w/that?!

    The line 'say what's in this drink' is not about a fucking RUFI (you overly sensitive pussies)... put the song in the proper context / time period it was written. That is a common phrase (often used by women who couldn't handle their liquor or who are actually (God Forbid!) HORNY and wish to blame the fucking wine / brandy / whatever the twit's drinking on her obvious attraction and horniness... again-God Forbid!!))

    This tune has always been delivered in a playful and fun manner... it's LOVED by many due to the many duets that have performed.

    And just to show it's not some misogynistic bunk... have a look at the following vid... the roles on this song have been sung by BOTH genders for years. My gut tells me if you're a dude and women is pushing you to stick around and handle some biz on the couch that it won't be misconstrued as a rape tune...

    This #metoo movement is real but needs to find some fucking balance.

    • jump to 2:30 to watch this gal try and rape this dude... YOU'LL BE DISGUSTED!!!PonyBoy
    • If they feel that this is the best problem to solve right now, well, that's their problem. The movement loses credibility and allies at every pointless attack.zarkonite
    • true, "what's in this drink?" is a well know idiom of the time that both men and women used a shield for their behaviour.Gnash
    • The few sensationalists are eroding the credibility of a worthwhile movement. Bound to happen somewhat. Eyes on the prize!sarahfailin
    • isn't he just worried about her health...;-)mugwart
    • Kev, it's a waste of energy to explain this. A lot of the people are completely nuts these days. They know it too, they just want to be outraged.Boz
    • ffs, I agree with you :)monospaced
    • yo who triggered the snowflake?jtb26
    • CanadaPonyBoy
    • Oh geez. I googled it. They legalized weed. Cut them some slack. You can stream this corny ass song on Spotify.jtb26
    • ♪ jtb26, it's cooold outside!! ♫PonyBoy
    • The song features male and female singers equally and is a fair representation of gender equality.shapesalad
    • ^ I dont think the male side is cared about much.mugwart
    • Ya I feel bad you guys won't hear this song on the radio any more (still available on iTunes, Spotify, YouTube, yo moms cassette tape, Google music)pango
    • A real tragedy to be out raged.
      Also didn't know so many of you still listens to radio.
    • I guess this is a case of old vs youngpango
    • Old vs young? Sure... ‘experienced vs ignorant’ works too.PonyBoy
    • also that decade old harassment culture that wasn't addressed til now. that's why the moment and how everyone is overly sensitive?pango
    • *movement.pango
    • yes yes... @2:30 that girl is harassing the fuck out of that dude... I'm w/you, pango... sick of this 'culture'. ;)
      btw... first 2 singers... KAAAAAHNNN!!!!
    • yes harassment can happen the other way around too. Didn't think you be sensitive see it.pango
    • And she's wearing fur!
    • Ya fuck her!!pango

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