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  • Gucci1

    Baby it's cold outside – banned from radio


    • Seriously, get over it. The people complaining that its' banned, only know the parts of the song that were sung in the movie Elf.hobgoblin
    • The same people listen to "Courtesy of the Red White and Blue (The Angry American)" which sings about hanging.hobgoblin
    • Or Red Rag Top which sings about a couple having an abortion. Or The Pill, which is about birth control pills.hobgoblin
    • Fucking mouth-breather hypocriteshobgoblin
    • Hormone injections to create Trans-kids is A-ok, but a silly song has got to go!robotron3k
    • You are a whole lotta stupid

      Creating Trans-kids... you fucking donkey
    • Oh, unfortunately it's a thing... https://www.google.c…robotron3k
    • fact: trans gender kids occur just as much in conservative families as in liberal onesmonospaced
    • fact: trans gender is not possible to create by any meansmonospaced
    • LOL, so the entire genre of hip hop is also going to get banned right? right? *CRICKETS*zarkonite
    • What do trans people have to do with this issue? One thing literally has nothing to do with the other. Am I missing another argument somewhere?Gucci
    • trans kid has nothing to do with this. it was mentioned because robo likes to derail.pango
    • have you guys listened to those Christmas song? lol the lyrics are seriously questionable.pango
    • more serious that "smack my bitch up"? come on.Gnash
    • we talking about late night air time or day time air time?pango
    • if they can't go on the family friendly time slot. i dont think "adult listener" want to listen to it. lolpango
    • anytimeGnash
    • actually i'm really not clear on this. CBC has many channels. is it banned on all? maybe we can put it in the trending hip hop channel.pango
    • or industrial. back to back with smack my bitch up.pango
    • ya that's outrageous. it should be played on the adult hip hop channel.pango
    • it's banned on allGnash
    • just saying. possibly they dont know where else to put it. when a family friendly song turned rapy.pango
    • where do you put family friendly rapy song??pango
    • ah, the FFR genre is a tricky one, I see you're point.Gnash
    • ugh. your!!Gnash
    • Lol a new genre still to be made for this.pango
    • *Needspango
    • I guess it's not just CBC. Rogers and Shaw media also.pango
    • and bellGnash
    • Also is there any authority stoping them from playing? Or they all just decided not to play that song?pango
    • no authority (other than social media feedback). any station is free to play it or not. their choiceGnash
    • Well than I think this debate has been blown out of proportion.pango
    • yes. it's not important. just stupid and mock-worthyGnash

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