Christmas card fonts that don't suck

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  • Continuity0

    The corporate font is some thin, weedy 90s thing that looks fucking horrible. I can't — in good conscience — use this thing.

    • "A good designer works with what they've got", man! I actually like that and think it's already halfway towards Christmas anyway!Nairn
    • I think it's a shit sandwich. :(Continuity
    • It's Letter Gothic, right? One of my clients uses it and I hate it in their context - but whatmygonnado? Here, I think they've made good use of it.Nairn
    • naypango
    • is the I a different weight, or stroked? I assumed at first that was a down-sizing glitch, but it's in teh full-size too?Nairn
    • someone has made a complete set of this - with much bolder weights. can't remember who tho. ff, or hf&j. or someone. helpful, i know.hans_glib
    • fontfont. Unfortunately, there don't appear to be any snowflakes in unicode range 02743–02746 on the symbol set.

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