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  • Gnash1

    did you catch the match? watching Carlsen speed play was fantastic

    • who? i really don't know much about the "chess world". i just want to play. lolpango
    • I challenge you mofo!!pango
    • was the last match of the world championship todayGnash
    • I'll sign up :) but can't play tonight -- stupid deadline for the morningGnash
    • ( i shouldn't have been watching chess today )Gnash
    • I usually play with unlimited time. A game could last for days. Takes me forever to make a move and i got other shit to do.pango
    • ^ sounds just my speed :)Gnash
    • Watched a bunch of matches with alpha zero recently, it plays light years ahead of humans :(_niko
    • Hurry up gnash!pango
    • Sign up :)Gnash
    • *edGnash

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