Global Warming

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    sorry, this article

    • difference is today we have alternatives.
      'millenials' calling for action is just how nature works, they see the necessity and possibility to act.
    • it's not any more 'shut down the industries', it's about let's change the way we produce energy. let us use a safe and clean method.uan
    • I think i saw this picture regarding climate change viral stuff. But what does it mean? If you take the numbers and graph them based on time would it correlatedeathboy
    • our weather? Or average temp? Was this localized and what type of measurements for such "pre-sci" era. is this just a aged 9 year old students paper about strawdeathboy
    • s that every news station copied without fact checking because journalistic integrity still matters.deathboy
    • I stand by the issue as being largely used for financial gain by a few people who have 0 regard for those it damages which are mostly the poordeathboy
    • im not denying our effect on climate change, i deny our ability to control such a thing even with full compliance to any party who says they know howdeathboy
    • but we are a system in this planet. our growth has happened do to our choices. to rescind those choices by law or decree might effectively eliminate many ppldeathboy
    • or in france create social unrest which might create other issues. the idea we can change our methods against current systems and feel no pain is stupid.deathboy
    • the route proposed as if you havent noticed is shit ton of tax incentives for rich while fucking the poor. that will never end well. so many more poor than richdeathboy
    • one reason you get populist shit like trump. forget the feel goodies. only look at it logically. also consider people who wrote articles earth was flat back thadeathboy
    • n probably use those in the same way they might justify a stupid ideadeathboy
    • #thermodynamicsmonospaced
    • ah mono. the lonely annoying turd on a sidewalk. you try an avoid it because its shit, but cant help thinking who leaves this shit here. guess shit happensdeathboy
    • #entrophymonospaced

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