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    New Galaxy S10 Renders, Photos, and Specs Just Leaked:…

    Under display camera in the left corner. All screen no bezels. Coming in February most likely.

    Samsung once again ahead of Apple in terms of design innovation in smart phones sector. Apple on the other hand won't show any new iPhones until probably September or October 2019 and may still have the stupid notch.

    • Either this has a pop-out camera, or it's fan art and utter bollocks.Nairn
    • Nah, it's most likely real. Apple already published the specs for the upcoming screen designs. Which includes for other brands too not just Samsung.NBQ00
    • And this one most likely going to switch the OLED pixels off/ to black so the camera has no issues taking the pictures and can remain nearly invisible.NBQ00
    • Sorry I meant Samsung (not Apple). Apple also gets screens from Samsung so they will most likely switch to this type at some point too.NBQ00
    • That sounds unlikely as a first use in a consumer deviceNairn
    • Then let's see in January or February when Samsung does the reveal. Everything points to this, you'll see.NBQ00

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