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  • sarahfailin5

    so... ya'll know I'm not a professional designer, but over these years as a qbner, i've actually learned one or two things here. like 3 years ago i paid dbloc $10 to make a horriblelogo for my band which I finshed like so:

    yeah pretty horrible ;) but I now recently used his design and my scant Photoshop abilities to turn it into this design:

    Fonts are Monoment and Clear Line (for the E). Thanks to sted! I modified the h to look like the original chair-guy dbloc drew, and I modified the tip of the E to look more like the Monoment font.

    We just got a new lead guitar player for the band, so it's a good time to launch a new logo too. I'm thinking we might get it printed on some athletic Ts. If anyone has any constructive criticism on how i might tweak/improve it, I'm happy to hear it. Thanks guys!

    • cool. i almost prefer the old one from a visceral standpoint but the new one has a classy feel to it. what kind of music ?docpoz
    • Easy chairs or Easy Chains?
      I'd work on the C+H link - that hard turn isn't natural. Make the text ochre and set a blending mode to show grain through?
    • Easy chairs! Sorry, I see it in the top logo thing. Fucking d'oh.Nairn
    • You could even knock the link out entirely and just stub the loop in the h?
    • Also - and I'm sorry I'm just bored, ignore me if you will - the E sits vertical whilst the rest slopes leftwards - perhaps tweak the E to lie a little ..easierNairn
    • nice great feedback. I'll work on the c-h link. I'm not sure what to do about the r looking like an n... I'll experiment with different colors for the textsarahfailin
    • You're right the E can be a bit more laid back too. I'll experiment with that as well.sarahfailin
    • Did you do this in Photoshop or Illy (etc)? The latter's MUCH better for tweaking this sort of thing - have a play with the 'Width' Tool for connecting strokesNairn
    • the r's fine, i'm just a moron.Nairn
    • sorry, 'monon'.

    • One more thing - the 'asychains' font is slightly flattened - ideally you'd make your E have width-fattened verticals, flattened horizontals to match.Nairn
    • I've totally docpoz'd and imbeciled these notes. +qbnNairn
    • This is [very] clumsy, but you could trace the centre points of the E and make a flattened, angled brush that approximates the main font..Nairn
    • +1 for the QBN thing
      +1 for the evolution
      +1 by making it yourself
      +1 cause I like it
    • +1 laid back E that will be coming next ;-)oey
    • What are easychains?cannonball1978
    •… here's the version with edits. idk about "width flattend verticals" or w/e... i used warp transform to fix curve. E is laid backsarahfailin
    • I AM concerned about the "chains" thing. which is a problem i guess with the font rather than my design. any ideas?sarahfailin
    • here it is again on the wood:…sarahfailin
    • and LOL at the secret message in your screenshotsarahfailin
    • LOL @nairn for the brush name!renderedred
    • :DNairn
    • please make logo's in illustrator. if you ever want to print it on a large scale you can because of the vectors. Now you are making your stuff in pixelsmilfhunter

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