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  • SimonFFM11

    For the first time ever, my work is in 3 editions of Playboy in the same month: Germany (6 pages), Netherlands (8 pages) and Portugal (2 pages). And today Matador Magazine Germany came also out with 11 pages.

    Not wanting to show off. I am just so happy to get this kind of exposure for my new coffee table book...

    • Congrats!Hayoth
    • Yes!!OBBTKN
    • disappointed, bec you should show it on qbn first and then playboy! bravo anyway!api
    • Do Playboy pay well? Just curious...feel free to say "fuck off!" :)BusterBoy
    • they pay shitdocpoz
    • congrats Simon!utopian
    • When you’re looking for money, don’t become a photographer (or musician).SimonFFM
    • lol matador germany still exists?mekk
    • @mekk It was re-born last year. You should buy it, it's good!SimonFFM

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