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  • PonyBoy4

    Scientists say mysterious 'Oumuamua' object could be an alien spacecraft


    • It can only be this: https://i.imgur.com/…
      or this:
    • lolmonospaced
    • nah... pretty sure 'we' put it up there ourselves (maybe NSFW): https://www.youtube.…PonyBoy
    • a flying baguette?Krassy
    • https://i.imgur.com/…mekk
    • God’s poop?PonyBoy
    • rendered in blender i think.neverscared
    • i'm no scientist, but that's a rockMilan
    • That's no rock.
    • Aliens makes uneven spacecrafts? maybe its a camoufflage to look like a rock.Bennn
    • UFOs.
    • Agreed, Milan. Its increased speed is probably due to the sun's gravity. Didn't these nerds watch Star Trek???MondoMorphic
    • why do planets have to be metal? Makes more sense to be a rock as its a tad more 'weather proof'mugwart
    • this thing rocks!api
    • Speculations, speculations everywhere. Show me a picture of that thing next to the moon and I will believe all their shit.Maaku
    • There will never be a photo, never has been. It will never get near our planet, and after it leaves, it will never come back. Pointless to even speculate.monospaced
    • Monosplained and bennnsplained... </comments>PonyBoy
    • rastas from outta spaceoey
    • @ponyboy, I was replying directly to Maakumonospaced
    • Extraterrestrial dildo.pango
    • That would be great.Hayoth
    • it's a weird object floating in space. shouldn't that be normal?renderedred
    • Tumbling through interstellar space @ 196,000 mph with an 8:1 aspect ratio and does not break apart or emit any debris, gas, dust, etc...utopian
    • it received an unexplainable boost of speed that science can not answer...utopian
    • ^ also i remember reading that it also made an unnatural turn.mugwart
    • No, stop taking at face value willfully misinterpreted cllickbait from self aggrandizing academics and news networks.Nairn
    • Here's a digestible, no- nonsense summary..
    • "That science can not answer" simply means we've abutted the walls of our ignorance, not that there's definitely something magical happening.Nairn
    • If there's anything 'probey' about this, it's the happenstance flyby giving it an almost great view of the innermost planets. Sorta.
      Nearly. Probably not.
    • It’s speed boost isn’t unexplainable by science. It just can’t attributed to the suns gravity, utopian. Nothing supernatural at all.monospaced
    • guys, relax. sometimes a space-cigar is just a space-cigarGnash
    • its a battleshipdocpoz
    • mono did you read any of the scientific data released by the scientists? They accounted for the suns gravity and still could not explain the burst of speed andutopian
    • ...abrupt change in direction.utopian
    • the USS Clintonsarahfailin
    • Its your mom's space dildo.pango
    • Yeah...there does seem to be more to it(as Utopian stated). There's oddities that aren't explained just yet...my gut says they'll get a better understanding...PonyBoy
    • ... after the invasion.

    • Yes. We will know more about them after we are anally probed and branded. Lets call them further with our radio signals. Elvis is aboard.docpoz
    • The stars look beautiful in that picdocpoz
    • utopian, that doesn’t mean anything except they don’t know the reason. There are countless possible natural reasons why it is going that fast.monospaced
    • smoke that shit!oey
    • Its a space whaledocpoz

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