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  • Miguex-2

    What was that about trying to put vegans as the example for environmentally conscious?

    Do vegans don't own cars?
    Do vegans don't use plastic of any kind?
    Do vegans don't use mobile phones?
    Do vegans don't do online shopping?
    Do vegans don't use AC?
    Showers, computers, glass recycling, reusable diapers, laundry. napkins, straws, paper, shower efficiently, buy second hand only, turn off lights, manual gardening, rechargeable batteries, paperless bank statements, etc

    The list can go FOREVER, how did being vegan become the ideal for environmentally conscious?

    • being vegan is a good start. if the whole world was veggie it would greatly reduce environmental damage, although maybe there would be more of a veggie shortagedocpoz
    • why are people so threatened by vegans?BusterBoy
    • research into it!mugwart
    • Because raising animals for a food source is one of the biggest drains on energy with the least returns. I'm not Vegan but it makes sense.ben_
    • @Miguex
      Are you implying that the environmental benefit of being vegan is a hoax? Or that the impact of being vegan is lesser than those on your list?
    • It's also totally feasible to be vegan and not use at least three items on your list.soundofreason
    • Also, it should read:
      Do vegans not own cars?
    • so vegans must do ALL the things? I don't get this post.inteliboy
    • Given we've killed off most of our megafauna, we need livestock to generate shit, so there's that at least, in favour of some meat or dairy consumption.Nairn
    • ..unless, of course, environmentalism's ambition is the creation of vast swathes of soya monoculture.Nairn
    • So many Americans get triggered by word Vegan. What a dull bunch.utopian

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