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    Talking about this with my finance today about "deniers" and "believers" - my take is in the irony of the moment is that the world is in such a way that even if there is no such thing about global warming making the correct stance will improve things no end.

    I do get this sort of conspiracy to usher in something terrible, were we are in this point ant time and the lies exposed this has to be taken in as a possible.

    Even the most hardened cynic must now admit that said cooperation are making beyond a healthy credit and they have not the best interests in humanity. Good summary here:…

    Whilst we argue about left and right both changing can help fix so much. So many of these issues can be improved/vapurated by avoiding giving money to these psychopathic cunts.
    Stop buying anything that cuts down a rain forest, yes that means the the dairy/meat industry as its fucking barbaric, avoid plastics when necessary cause we don't need more shit, try going zero waste, make sure you stop buying clothes/items that were slave made. Go get second hand items, build communities, make sure Gardener has his vinyls, fucking smile and be kind to your fellow man/women etc. Stop putting faith in politics its a fucking joke left and right.
    Something big is about to happen, 1000 meter waves or alien over lords or a Orwellian society but by being a fucking human being, we can get through this.

    Not ranting I promise, just my thinking - we all are arguing for one right belief/answer but the joke is everyone has a belief system and its the most incredible thing (yes some people think the world is flat and yes that is silly) but it makes us whom we are as a whole and the interactions with people that make it interesting. Shit we have Terry Pratchett cause of this. Look at his influences. Tolkien the same. Winnie the fucking pooh, one man watching his kid play with teddies and is include in Buddhist texts and look at the positive effects for mental health exposure. All these people were being honest with their emotions.

    The irony being we all are educated to think we should achieve only one 'correct one view' instead of accepting a million interesting slightly wonky ones.
    Example I love the Corbett report, do I think he is a messiah, no. Right about everything no, right about some areas, spot on.

    Yes this whole global warming thing might be fake, no it probably isn't - maybe its going to be okay - but until we all start fucking growing up and taking serious actions right or wrong we are fucked regardless.

    If we are in a sinking ship how are you going to look into our kids eyes and tell them what you did in this moment.

    Then again I'm a just a goth anarchist from Watford!

    And I promise this block of black test isn't a rant.

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