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  • mekk2

    iPhone XS Max lol

    • How can it be XtraSmall and Max at the same time?shapesalad
    • it's the iphone X
      it's the S generation
      and it's the large screen version
      you get me?
    • ^ when you got a short dick with a huge glans?mekk
    • i was used to say "plus" for the large screen version - now - everything new. bravo!api
    • @hans_glib you described it very good! thank youapi
    • hans we know, it still sound stupid. and why replace plus with max?mekk
    • I don't get why they didn't just name it this way:

      iPhone X
      iPhone X Plus
      iPhone XS
    • because those indicators indicate last year's models, I supposemonospaced
    • Using Max instead of Plus is an unwelcome departure thoughmonospaced
    • I think the regular X should have been called the iPhone 9 though ... iPhone XR seems weird for their "basic" newest phone.monospaced
    • iPhone neinmekk
    • Maybe plus is perjorative in this new super healthy apple worldhans_glib
    • Plus = offensive to fat peopleyuekit
    • The Max of XtraSmall is almost Small, therefore:
      iPhone XS Max = iPhone Almost S

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