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    To follow up on my previous post on how crappy London wages are.

    Here's a nice website where you can calculate (approx) your worth and salary in any city:

    According to parameters I put in I could get over $90K in NYC and only £27K ($35K) in London.

    lol. Yeah no thanks, London.

    • London is a tool - you go there to boost your CV, get some big names on the cv/portfolio - endure shite conditions and pay, then go somewhere nice.shapesalad
    • For all the EU designers that have worked in London, this works well, they go back to their sunny EU cities, work remotely or locally, good lifestyle.shapesalad
    • But for uk citizens, after london you go where? Some miserable damp northern city. Always pissed me off in London how EU designers talked about how great theirshapesalad
    • home countries were, the beaches and sun. How they'll be returning in a couple years after getting their credentials in LDN.shapesalad
    • From what I understand, your 92k in NYC wouldn't take you very far, it's even more expensive than London. So, I'm really not sure this comparison is even a fairContinuity
    • ... indication of anything.Continuity
    • Other than, of course, salaries in London being utter, utter shit.Continuity
    • I always thought creative people don't care about money. Shame on you, guys!SimonFFM
    • ^ you do in London!mugwart
    • Simon, no money = no honey.NBQ00
    • Continuity, no way. $90K, even 60-70K gets you far in NY. London is as expensive if not slightly more expensive in some ways.NBQ00
    • It says I should get $150k wich is total bullshitmekk
    • mekk, Maybe because you didn't put in realistic/ honest info and parameters.NBQ00

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