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  • Maaku3

    Talking about 180 degrees turn.

    My direct supervisor came in to give me my annual review and basically told me I exceeded expectations among every manager on every project I have worked on, and they are happy to have me on the team. Based on my their inputs I should be seeing a raise very soon.

    Jesus... I feel so bad for my previous post.

    • I am happy and ashamed altogether. I had them wrong all this time :-/Maaku
    • you should...

      ... now go party :)
    • good thing you kept calm and ask QBN for advice before acting on any impulses.

      QBN saving lives, some, here and there.
    • lol, thanks ^^Maaku
    • I know Baby, haha. I know enough not to quit without another offer, first. But I'm not anymore :)Maaku
    • QBN FTW! Maaku FTW! congrats :)Krassy
    • niceGnash
    • lol I love these two posts :D Maaku man i was like why the fuck do you care about coders? and now here we go :)sted
    • Leverage this to talk to them about the problems in the post above.i_monk
    • Shame, shamedocpoz

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