Right Wing Utopia

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  • yuekit5

    I think it's a common misunderstanding these days that right always wants free market capitalism and left stands for anti-capitalism.

    Left and right are more about your general worldview. The left wants change and to disrupt the current system, the right believes in tradition and keeping power structures in place.

    So a true right-wing society would look like one where the powerful (such as elites and ethnic majority) enjoy a lot of power, and religious and moral structures stay in place.

    • i had a teacher who said of conservatives, "when you're on the top, all change is bad."sarahfailin
    • this is a fair distinguishing to be about whether "right-wing" means "conservative" or "capitalist." but i think either definition works for this questionsarahfailin
    • Except, I'd argue, Trump was very much a "change and disrupt" candidate to the self-proclaimed conservatives.section_014
    • and the left-wing is the bernie sanders socialists so far from rationality they think they can have cake and eat it too? u started with a comparisondeathboy
    • and never finished. where is the true left wing in your world view? hell all your lenin and stalin and hitlers did great to disrupt. regardless if for betterdeathboy
    • Capitalists don't want a free market, they want monopolies.i_monk
    • trump was also a reactionary candidate, wanting to take everybody back to the good-old-days and make america gr7 againsarahfailin
    • ethnic majority is independent from political affiliation and can be left or right. USA ethnic demographic is changing and majority will be left in 50yrs timehotroddy

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