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  • Bennn-1

    Pitchfork say ''Snail Mail’s striking debut album is emotionally wise, musically clear, and encompasses the once and future sound of indie rock.''

    I clearly imagine people getting asleep at her shows.

    WTF! Is it me who dont get something here? Maybe i'm too old

    • Best new music according to PF. I spinned the entire record, its ultra boring,Bennn
    • benn, heard the entire thing too. the art of metaphor and simile seems to be lost on this album, but they are still young.futurefood
    • maybe it's intentional?
      since artwork/music video seem to be bland as well.
    • I liked it but it but didn't feel its worthy of the crazy praise its getting. She is good and can see her getting even better.thumb_screws
    • I think I may be too old, i'm having a really hard time finding new music i like. I need to listen to 500 albums to find 1 interestingBennn
    • it's just their sound.dorf
    • God. This is dull... they’re making music not changing the fucking bedsheets.RumperChunk
    • Sounds like a lot the shite that came out in the 1990's when indie/rock/alt/grung... etc was popular. I guess if you're 17 and never head that shite before...shapesalad
    • but people at Pitshfork aren't 17, they're probably dude our ageBennn
    • sounds like Alvvays...if you took away the talent ;)exador1
    • lol yeah exador1, Alvvays is way better but still not that amazing, some good songs yeahBennn
    • I actually like this but I love 90s indie emo sad rock.fooler
    • it was better in the 90sBennn

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