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  • Bennn1

    Thats a well written resume of the current situation


    'Over the past decade, social media has become the platform for the facade of a perfect life. People are obtaining thousands of online worshippers as they sell them beauty, lifestyle, experience, and adventure. Many attempt to recreate the life of those they have started to admire so much and the result of this is millions of social media accounts filled with avocados, tranquil landscapes, and professional looking photos of people lounging at home in their comfy clothes.

    But with the so-called perfect life comes resentment. Resentment from those that feel they don’t live in the same wonderful world, spared of sadness and pain, like so many influencers like to suggest they do. Jealousy begins to take over, as does the desire to see the image of perfection shattered into little pieces.'…

    • vast variety self-marketing tools are available for the masses these are basically shifting focus from communities to the individual. empathy to indifferencested
    • Seems those grammers that died were risk takers...robotron3k
    • Seriously avocados are over rated. It's all about black sesame seeds and lard for me.shapesalad
    • < question is, where is it all heading. Will each generation be churned through the social media mincer? Or will it fizzle away in data breach scandals?shapesalad
    • i wonder what kind of generation it will generate... people currently having 15 ~ 25 y-o are born with the internet in their handsBennn
    • how many 18 y-o bladly want to become an "influencer" these days? a lot! So much deception comingBennn
    • Seems relevant…greyandred
    • And the youngest spawn of the kardashians is about to be the youngest female billionaire with no discernible talents or abilities so what can you do?_niko

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