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    i recently had a dream where a person I was having a conversation with morphed into a Sega Genesis in mid-conversation. First time a slow, detailed morph like that happened in a dream.

    • If you fly in your dreams how do you do it? I tend to focus very hard and start levitating. A friend told me that he flaps his arms up and down like wings LOL!HijoDMaite
    • oh yea, Ive flown. I just float up, almost like swimming. weight just disappears.docpoz
    • i'm afraid of heightsdocpoz
    • I've flew in my dream. By it was more like I moved the entire universe around except me.pango
    • @Hijo I kind of hold my breath and concentrate to levitate. Its more “float” than “fly”, but yeah.maquito
    • I levitated in a dream recently. The people around me were frightened.futurefood
    • For some reason I finally 'learnt to fly' in my dreams a couple of years ago, and now do most of the time.. but there's always the idea of ...detritus
    • ... "realising it's impossible" which invariably makes me descend or come crashing down. Therefore my dreams are evolving, where i get more confident ...detritus
    • ...and I can learn to fly further and further. I crossed the North sea, and recently started across the Atlantic in another dream, only to be awoken.detritus
    • I'm probably still out there drowning somewhere. Certainly feels like it in wakened life at the moment :(detritus
    • The weird thing for me is less the flying than the episodice continuity of it all. It's a constant running theme in my dreams, and has been for months & months.detritus
    • It feels like it should mean something, and have some sort of resolution, but I'll be damned if I can see it. So odd.detritus
    • oh yah! i had one of those. it's like a tv show. the story continues day after day.pango

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