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    I'm still gobsmacked that when my magic mouse runs out of battery, I have to turn it over on it's back and go off and have a shit and wander round the office unable to use my computer for half an hour while it charges. I know there inconvenient ways around that like having a second mouse or asking colleagues to make sure it's charged for the one day a week I'm in, but you really shouldn't have to make inconvenient solutions when the obvious fucking solution is to have the port in the back and it simply turn in to a wired mouse while it charges.

    What in the utter living shiny fuck were apple thinking? It's so terrible it's almost hilarious, if it weren't for the fact that I'm having to type this on my phone while forcing out a shit at least 25 minutes early.

    • get a wired logitech hi-res mouseOBBTKN
    • On a more cheery note I now only have to commute in to london and be in an office one day a week nowset
    • nowset
    • behold the yacht of perplexity!…kingsteven
    • Buy a used one with AAnb
    • You could get a cheap Wacom, think the cheapest is about £40 now. Having a wee jobbie break is good for your eyes though.PhanLo
    • Yea, I mean it only happens once every couple of months. Most of the time it's charged or if urgent I can go and find another mouse. Still, a moronic design.set
    • can’t you charge it while you use it? if not, why you buy that shit?GuyFawkes
    • 1. -…set
    • 2. - I didn't buy it.set
    • Little tip, GuyFawkes; read posts before responding to them...set
    • i skimmed sorryGuyFawkes
    • ^ comes with the mac, good mouse just stupid fucking placement. still prefer it to the AA version, can get a day out of it with 10 mins charge from dead...kingsteven
    • logitech ftw, never liked apples mice, this is why i bought & brought my own gear to the officeGuyFawkes
    • Get this.
    • Port is on the side. You can use the mouse while cable is attached. The mouse works on glass surface. All keys are customizablepango
    • Thanks. Obviously I'm aware there a better options, I'm just saying this one sucks anus.set
    • Agree. Apples mice have always been badly designed. Some people love the form factor though and accept the design flaws.monospaced
    • Personally, I can’t stand it’s low profile design and it’s lack of glide, and light weight. That’s why I prefer Logitech. Their batteries last a year almosr!monospaced
    • they want to force you to use it as wireless. as they intended. for it to be. mind control. kidding... just bad design.notype
    • have some stalking lady replace it for you before you even notice that it runs outmekk
    • lol^GuyFawkes
    • I really like the design I must admit. Haven't had carpel tunnel in years since I started using the magic mice. Had it pretty bad beforeset
    • Though I do work a lot less these daysset
    • When I say design obviously I mean form factor. The charging port is a heinous wretched anus of a disgraceset
    • You know a 5min charge gives you something like 9hrs right?Centigrade
    • I do yes, hence me suggesting I take a shit while it charges.set

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