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    Right, we have an on and off friendly on-going collaboration, they'd bring me on tour sometimes, I'd give them ideas, have worked on a few things with them.

    I'd definitely give them each a set of prints and/or a gift in gratitude (would prob sell prints in the $200), they don't need the money and know they can use these photos whenever.

    Out of courtesy I did ask their mgmt about rights but it sort of turned into splitting the $, making me not really want to bother making prints anymore.

    • Yes, there's your answer.robotron3k
    • There's a difference between using the imagery for syndication, or advertising. If they want to use the band shots for say Fender guitars, or just a fans wall.BH26
    • Maybe management misunderstood the end use.BH26
    • Part of it is neither of us has prior experience with that. In theory, despite being the subject, they might not be entitled to a share of profitsspl33nidoru
    • since I'm not using their image to sell something else (but using my photo to sell my photo, right of artistic expression).spl33nidoru
    • Will work it out with them and forget about it if it's not worth the effort, thanks guys!spl33nidoru

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