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  • omahadesigns3

    You live in NYC and need help finding inspiration?

    There are so many ways.

    1. Go for a walk
    2. Go to a museum
    3. Go out in nature with your thoughts
    4. Start sketching
    5. Talk to people
    6. Watch interviews on Youtube of people whose work you like
    7. Go see a movie
    8. Go to a new restaurant
    9. Go to a new neighborhood
    10. Browse Pinterest
    11. Travel
    12. Read a novel
    13. Go to a bookstore
    14. Go shopping
    15. Go to IKEA
    16. Go to an art supply store
    17. Look around you.
    18. Look at your old work.

    • Go to Ikea?detritus
    • ^ there's 50+ room set ups ripping off all kinds of design styles and loads of textiles and shower curtains and so forth. Tons of inspiration for home design oromahadesigns
    • Just polling some other ideas, thanks for the list.BH26
    • Maybe it helps others "that don't live in new york" ;]BH26
    • Also would've never stumbled upon The Goldblum Jurassic park mix, compliments of SarahfalinBH26
    • ^ that is 19.omahadesigns
    • Talk to someone on the train.notype
    • ;)sarahfailin
    • #18, interesting one omahanotype

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