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    Hey trusted comrades,

    Question, what do you all use for very complex (we're talkin' large) flows, keeping all screens in ONE application but linking to multiple scrns.

    ...I'm talking in the 1K screens here - I know... ridiculous.

    Any management apps you use to house this stuff? Or any good ones out there that you know of.

    FYI most scrns built in sketchapp :)

    Your friend,

    • Convert the art-board/screens to symbols and insert those into flows somewhere else in the document - use Abstract to manage all of thisSlashPeckham
    • Seems best implemented by writing up a doc, "coding guidelines" or something, that dictate folder and file naming conventions etcSquiddy
    • cuz when automated, it'll be brittle and the newbie will break it or your boss who barely understands it will be doing a stand up when nothing loadsSquiddy
    • good points Squiddy, and thank you SlashPeckhamnotype
    • I've been using… for presenting large flows. You can sync sketch artboards into their platform. Have a look.brandonp

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