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  • detritus7

    This post by HijoDMaite :… reminded me of how surprised I was at the journey Hawaii has taken. I knew it was the result of some massive lava bubble that's moving Eastwards/South across the Pacific, but until recently I had no idea how far it had come. I tried the other week following its path backwards, but got a bit lost around Kamchatka somewhere.

    I was trying to work out if it might've been the cause of the Siberian Traps lava plain (exciting little man that I am, this is how I fill my free-time...).

    Anyway, it's interesting to see the path its taken over the eons..

    • i find the little curl right of the ? arrow interesting, as if the plume met plates millions of years ago and melted it in before the plates moved on.detritus
    • what makes you think it starts at the top?uan
    • Kamchatka will forever in my mind be associated with
    • wow! the more you know in deed.renderedred
    • @uan - not sure what you mean? The recent lava flows are all eastwards of Hawaii and it's 'known' that the lava plume is heading that way.detritus
    • I've just followed the line of sub sea mounts back. i 'knew' the went about as far as the middle arrow, but was surprised to see it go so far North.detritus
    • makes sense. I was just looking at the tectonic plates map and it's weird hawaii isn't at the edge of one but right in the middle of the pacific plate.uan
    • Yeah, it's 'anomolous' in the context of plate tectonics. My belief is this is the same mechanic that created the Deccan and Siberian Traps...detritus
    • ..but because of the weight and cooling of Pacific water, it's not been able to break out and cause millions of years of lava outpouring.detritus
    • *shrug* but wtf do i know?detritus
    • The islands were created by a "hot spot" in the earth's mantle. Essentially it's an area where magma flows upwards, so the tectonic plate is actually movingzarkonite
    • towards the northwest, giving the illusion that the islands are moving south east.zarkonite
    • @detritus & zarkonite, you guys are on the right track. better explanation ->…dorf

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