Yanni or Laurel?

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  • detritus1

    er.. Yanny.

    wtf? I can' thear it the other way - do I have to turn my head?

    • I hear it with a Y though, because i'm British, obviously.detritus
    • definite yanniGnash
    • except it's laurel ... it starts and ends with "el" sounds ... there's literally no "y" in the pronunciation at allmonospaced
    • How weird - now on my speakers at work it sounds like Laurel. I hate this sort of shit! Beforehand there was 'literally no' Ls or Rs in what I was hearing.detritus
    • I hear no L sounds what so ever.dopepope
    • It all depends on the speakers. On my TV I hear Yanny, on my car radio I hear Laurel. I could even go back and fourth and replicate.ETM

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