Israel bombing shit..

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  • mugwart14

    Cunts ... un-fucking believable. Is there any protests anywhere against this or is it not PC to question this bloodshed?


    • Not that protesting will change these cunts minds.mugwart
    • and I've signed my name again! Fail!mugwart
    • they are the bad cop, we are the judge that lets them gocanoe
    • Surprised nobody on QBN cares about this...canoe
    • the mods can edit it if they want! Too many emails today!mugwart
    • ^ misread. God my dylesia is bad today.
      Think we are all numb to this all these days. Everything is royal related. Pretty discussing.
    • there's pretty much world-wide condemnation of israel's actions. can't think of many supporting themGnash
    • they chant death to Arabs at football matches like we chant go team go.
      They are god's chosen people, fuck everyone else.
    • plus something something the holocaust and anti-semitism free pass yada yada. plus the idiot americans in their pocket._niko
    • ^ just an observation here in UK we had protests on anti-Semitics few weeks later this shit. Convinient as now no one will protest. Wheres my tin foil hat...mugwart
    • tbf, the pals also chant, death to jewsGnash
    • Sad, the palestinian death toll is catching up with London's, it's like 60+ nowrobotron3k
    • no, no they're protesting Florida's monopoly on everyone's favourite citrus beverage https://nastyhobbit.…_niko
    • oh robofadein11

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