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  • misterhow-2

    Fortnite...I get it. Multiplayer shoot-em-ups, I get it.

    Watching someone else play on YouTube. I just don't understand. The whole e-Sports isn't a passing fad but isn't more fun to play the game than watch someone else playing?

    Is this yet another example of us being old?

    • sadly yes. I'm there too.helloeatbreathedrive
    • I guess it is, see it has a sporting even like football or basketball. But don't fully get it either.dmay
    • It’s not a passing fad. It’s a huge industry and it’s been healthy for many years. It’s only growing.monospaced
    • I actually like watching people play games on YouTube. It gives me a chance to learn about it with no purchase. Plus some players are great personalities!monospaced
    • Especially games I know I’ll never play, games that are too complex or too involved. :)monospaced
    • I suck at games, so for ME it’s more fun to watch sometimes than play. Hahaha. Maybe I’m not alone.monospaced
    • Coming from Quake3, UT, DOOM and the early CoDs, I don't know why Fortnite is so big. I hate the cartoonish style.Maaku
    • I guess that makes sense. I never thought about it like that.misterhow
    • You don't need (a lot) skill to be good to be at Fortnite, luck plays a bigger part and the constant DLC of cosmetic stuff provides the hook to keep playing ...Bluejam
    • ... fucking hate that game, ruining my sons gaming education, they're missing out on other better games :-/Bluejam
    • Kids like watching gameplay. It's similar to peeking into arcades and watching people play in the 80sdocpoz
    • It’s similar to going to your friends house and watching them play waiting your turn. A friend who is really good and entertaining and funny.monospaced
    • ^ exactly. this has been a major part of gaming since the start. i also love the openness of donating to streams, a lot of folks on twitch make a living.kingsteven
    • I used to watch replays of CAL-O and CAL-P Counter-Strike matches on YT to try and raise my own game, back in the day. So it's not really anything new.Continuity

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