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    Today I got yelled at by my neighbor for putting my recyclables into the wrong trash bin. I though a green lid meant it was for recyclables but since the building had run out of regular bins they had put a sign on top of the green one that I did not see. I wrongly assumed all green lids meant it was OK for me to put my stuff there. I spent 30 minutes apologizing to my neighbor and explaining to him why I had put my stuff in the wrong place.

    • your neighbours sounds either very stupid or a pedant.hans_glib
    • 30 minutes apologising? what did you put in there, your wankmag collection?fadein11
    • I get it.robthelad
    • How many times per minute did you bow your head?Maaku
    • Blue is recycle usually. Green is for compostables, where I’m from.monospaced
    • LOL monospaced, you sound like my neighbor. The color doesn't matter, I made an honest mistake by not paying attention to the note.soundofreason
    • @Maaku. I lost count, I would say over 40. I think he's senile and I have small children so I'm used to having conversations going in loops.soundofreason
    • Did he call the police?ETM
    • Oh dude. I’m not lecturing you! I’m just remarking on the fact that there are even more colors where I’m from. Haha. I wouldn’t mess with anyone about this.monospaced
    • @monospaced
      I know, it's all good in the hood.

    • :PMaaku
    • lolGuyFawkes

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