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  • notype2

    any of you goons watching this?

    • looks hilarious.notype
    • i so would like to learn the tabs for this one…notype
    • saw the first season so good_niko
    • couldn't stomach first ep.notype
    • it's funny and entertaining enough, but awkward at times / kinda genericcolin_s
    • very well-meaninged tho. kind-hearted showcolin_s
    • love it. mostly because of its SCTV connectionGnash
    • may give it another go Gnash, i was pretty f'ed up a couple mo's ago & mad at the world... this is a cute clip though as i'm revisiting this postnotype
    • if i remember there was A LOOOOT of drinking? rather not see that for a little bit, just a few more mos ;)notype
    • amazing cover. can really hear the lyrics.notype
    • love tina's version best thoughnotype
    • as a canuck, this show resonates with me. second city was the rock that my sense of humour was built on.Gnash
    • so whatever shortcomings this show may have are blurred by the fog of veneration I have for the creatorsGnash
    • I found the first season hard to get into, but started watching toward the end of season 2 and now love it.i_monk

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