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  • i_monk10

    • God Bless American Greed!utopian
    • Netflix: The bank that runs the world.slappy
    • The folk who take this at face value are a little bit stupid.Morning_star
    • wasn't this stated decades ago? I remember reading someone sitting in a major meeting when they dictated it was more profitable to keep people sick...mugwart
    • Indeed. The logic is that if a Pharma company create a cure that eradicates a disease completely in a couple of years their market suddenly disappears. It's....Morning_star
    • ...not a sustainable business model.Morning_star
    • so it's not a sustainable business model, it's still a business if you can recoup costs, cure everyone and close up shop with a tidy profit.shapesalad
    • ^ and there is the problem - cost to develop a cure far exceeds the revenue it'd generate.shapesalad
    • ^ but in any case, humans are surviving and reproducing too much for it to be sustainable on planet earth. Perhaps let nature, as cruel as it is, cull the weak?shapesalad
    • That's horribly naive and kinda stupid to say. Just because someone was born w some problem doesn't mean they won't bring world peace or be the next Picaso.formed

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