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  • pango9

    I'm seriously thinking about doing this with creative and artists in vancouver.

    • Do it. It'll fall apart in 18 months and you'll end up hating/murdering each other, but for the first 8½ months it'll be a blast.detritus
    • One of the animators from Adventure Time did something like that http://www.ghostshri…PhanLo
    • good luck buying land in vancouverArsenicPants
    • You could set it up and have a gang fight with Granville Island to see who is the most pretentious.face_melter
    • Arsenic. That's why I need more people to join. Lol. I would really love to manage a space.pango
    • YES!notype
    • Do it, I heard house husband's are all the rage there too...robotron3k
    • the council model is the same in vancuver as in budapest so you should be able to find state owned property what's before the demolition.sted
    • sometimes they don't touch these buildings for years what you can find out, so the utilization is important for them.sted
    • are you speaking of squatting sted?notype
    • noo not at all, i'm speaking about how to get a municipal property cultural purposes. if you do it right you can get it for (almost)free.sted
    • *for cultural purposes :)sted
    • talk to oye, I believe he's part or was part of a commune of sorts._niko
    • Haha, I have a friend doing exactly this now. I'll send him thisset
    • LOL remember when people had the same idea using old factories in Brooklyn? Growing veggies in kiddie pools on the roof next to cement manufacturing plants?caterpus
    • Then the curators of the space just charge the rest of the commune more in rent so the 2 or 3 of them can live for free.caterpus
    • I think there is great potential in this idea to create a retirement commune/community, of sorts.Gnash
    • My exact thoughts when I first moved into a warehouse many years ago, gnash.detritus
    • ^ it's a great concept. better than some old-folks home. pool resources. hire care if needed...Gnash
    • i'd love to buy an old summer camp. turn cabins into sleepers, communal kitchen & common spacesGnash
    • ...and then start murdering people?detritus
    • not all at once ^Gnash
    • Defug is house husband?
      I was thinking live work space. With workshop and studio space available.
    • And time to time we invite artist from out of town to do residency.pango
    • And time to time we invite artist from out of town to do residency.pango
    • Wait... Is that what hipsters do?pango
    • If "creative and artists" are leading a real estate development, it will fail before it starts.

      Just stay in the city and start a cult, it'l be cheaper.
    • call it "Rajneeshpuram"ernexbcn
    • ^ dont get it.
      ya perhaps a cult will do.
      what should i call it?
    • pango watch Wild Wild Country on Netflixernexbcn
    • ^ don’t do it pango!notype
    • Cult or Netflix?pango
    • Cult or Netflix?pango
    • The movie WW countrynotype
    • Repped and onedocpoz
    • That just made me want to watch it even more...pango
    • it's not a movie FFS it's a documentary, it's incredibleernexbcn

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