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    "The price of Adobe Creative Cloud All Apps will change to US$52.99/month on your renewal date of 4/19/2018. A reminder email will be sent to you as your renewal date gets closer."

    CAD$67.95 for me... $815.40 / year, basically until I'm dead...


    • i've said it before and i'll say it again. it's extortion, pure and simplehans_glib
    • it's gonna suck when my 40% off expiresGnash
    • in the end, it's still way less than one hour worth of billing per month. Think about what a cab driver needs to spend on his means of industryGnash
    • BREXIT! Wait.. nup. Just a price increase, because they have us by the balls and can do whatever they wish. Yaay!detritus
    • @gnash - exactly. I agree 100% on that comment.fadein11
    • I'm mostly just bitching; it's a "death & taxes" argument. Should be "death, taxes & adobe fees".

      : )
    • ^OBBTKN
    • lol. its just such a low expense. even compared to most professional fees paid in other industries. or insurance etc. its just peanuts. I honestly don't get itfadein11
    • from my point of view, I got all there shit for free for decades, I can now afford to buy it (or my clients can)fadein11
    • their*fadein11
    • hey look, it's this pointless dreary go round again.detritus
    • Haha; sorry I incited this! It should have been in the "blog" thread perhaps...ideaist
    • 52.99usd = £38. Currently paying £49... so good news?shapesalad
    • Considering at least 80% of PS, Illy, AE is pretty much same as it was 10+ years ago. It's a lot. We paid full price back in the day.shapesalad
    • Now we subscribe for the same features code that we already paid for 10 years ago, bar a few extra novelty filters and effects.shapesalad
    • you paid?fadein11
    • Fadein, I'm buying you a pint. and true, most had just become accustomed to pirated prices.Gnash
    • (side note - imagine if you had to pay for all the fonts we've all accumulated over the years... I shudder at that)Gnash
    • (also, I've paid for all my adobe since illustrator 88. the only software I pirated was quark -- fuck you Quark!)Gnash
    • This is fucking peanuts for access to the whole Creative Cloud?!! 1/2 of an hour of billed work pays for it.davey_g
    • Buying you one back gnash. sorry about that other shit by the way. Whether I am an idiot or not we would have a happier discussion over a beer I am sure.fadein11
    • Ooh, what did I miss?detritus
    • we were discussing whether gingers were considered a separate race, or not.Gnash
    • they should deduct a buck or two every time i run into a bug in animatefuturefood
    • Time t' put on me hook hand, eye patch 'n peg leg...yarr!ok_not_ok
    • Race? I'm not even sure they're the same species.detritus
    • (lol)Gnash
    • If you cancel, they sometimes have a promotion of $29 a month for renewalpinkfloyd
    • lol det and gnashfadein11
    • if you cancel they charge you a $250 fee, so report that credit card as lost before you do it.GuyFawkes
    • I should rephrase, once you're 1 year contract has ended and you don't renew, they offered a rate of $29 per monthpinkfloyd

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