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  • prophetone2

    I think FB groups might be the best thing about FB right now, a selection:

    Synth DIY
    Skratcher Portablist
    Akai Hardware Samplers
    Akai S950 / 900 User Group
    Eurorack Synthesizers (beware all ye who enter)
    Akai MPC
    Akai MPC60
    Tevo Tarantula Prusa i3 Owners
    Emu SP-1200 / SP12 Users
    Godot Engine
    Indie Game Developers
    Construct 2/3 Devs
    Defcon Toronto
    Dig My Quiver
    Diggin in the Tapes

    • Is Synth DIY super advanced?HijoDMaite
    • I just joined it this week as I'm building a few arduino drum synth sampler projects... a lot about pcbs, construction, software, eurorack kit builds etc.prophetone
    • But yeah some of the guys on there are next-level, building out complex, large projects like the ARP TTSH kit... detailed discussions on component opinions etc.prophetone

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