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    • Let the markets decide. Woohoooo!PhanLo
    • I’d take Uber hearse - would it be cheaper than Uberblack but not expensive as Uber select .?_me_
    • So I guess they are allowed to run red lights, go through bus lanes, speed, be liable for the patient(s) they are carrying? Oh, it's Uber. Of course not.face_melter
    • You get an Uber home, order your garbage death burger with Eats, then use Health to take you to hospital when you have a stroke. Fuck these cunts.face_melter
    • ^ This is how American will get to:
    • *AmericaETM
    • oh dear. do you US guys sometimes want to just fuck off somewhere else, there has to be a limit to what you find acceptable?fadein11
    • It doesn't say for emergency use. We have to use a transport service to get my Grandfather to his appointments because he can't sit comfortably in our cars.BabySnakes
    • And these transport service are booked up where i live too. So there must be some good money in it.BabySnakes
    • My grandfather fractured his knee, the reason he can't sit well in our cars.BabySnakes

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