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  • mugwart1

    You okay Set? Hope things are on the up between you and your beloved German lady.

    • yes, yes... updates, something new? (gossip granny voice)OBBTKN
    • Haha, hey. It's been about 5 weeks now and I've processed it pretty well. Had a bad patch for about week has ended up being a transformative timeset
    • I realised she's given me the gift of freedom. I need the time to focus on myself. Have been running every day, meditating, dreaming..set
    • Classic case - sometimes the right path is the most painful. Will miss her but excited about the future!set
    • If we reconnect again in the future then so be it, but we'll stay friends forever and know eachother in one way or another whatever happens. Happy days :)set
    • That said we're still 'together' but who fhe fuck knows what will happen. We're both aware of us likely meeting new peopleset
    • Hope every cunt reading this is happy, full of love and living life in the most full. If not, do it, now.set
    • coolmonospaced
    • ^OBBTKN
    • that's the spirit :)sted
    • Glad you are well! Hope you didnt mind me calling you out - you seemed to be a bit silent these days.mugwart
    • Not at all. Thanks for asking! Hope you're well xset
    • All good here xx!mugwart
    • Aaaah the gift of fap- I mean freedom.dyspl
    • she is ours nowmekk

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