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    I'm going to ask a really dumb question. Is there a name for the technique of matching a bass note or bass line with a kick drum in a steady rhythm, where the impact of that bass note has a nice little punch from the kick happening at the same time? I hear it in songs all the time, can't think of an example at the moment.

    • you mean an 808 bass tone/kick?
      or do you mean sidechaining where everything drops for the kick?
      bit confused what you mean. if laying bass and kick on top of
    • each other one needs most of it's bottom end removed (in most instances).fadein11
    • I'll see if I can find an example. Basically I mean where all bass notes are aligned and only as long as that kick hit. It's this sound I hear a lot where themg33
    • bassline has a little extra emphasis because the notes are all aligned with the kick drum pattern. At least that's how it sounds to me.mg33
    • think I know what you mean. Drum & Bass type things, sub-bassline underneath kick pattern?fadein11
    • Yeah, that might be correct. I'll do my best to find an example.mg33
    • Layering, or Expanding?keewee
    • accent? like the bass would accent the kick, or vice versa?futurefood
    • I think you mean you write the bass line melody rhythm to match the kick drum. Its a good technique, glues the track/music.shapesalad
    • makes things too tight for me, bassline should groove around the kickfadein11

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