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  • CygnusZero41

    Mario Odyssey was ok. I didnt love how they hand out power moons like candy. Makes getting them feel less of an accomplishment. I liked how it was in Mario 64 more. I played through MO twice in a row so obviously I liked it, but I found the world designs to be kinda bleh. Thats my biggest problem with it. The 2d switching parts were cool though. Wished there was more of it.

    Its still a good Switch exclusive but I dont think its even remotely close to as good as Zelda. Im currently playing both Bayonetta games on Switch. So good if you like challenging deep action games like DMC and Ninja Gaiden.

    • yeah love the 2D integration. I am only about a 10th of the way through. And I'm also not a hardcore gamer, been 'out of the game' for a while. So I guess Ifadein11
    • love it for it's accessibility. I may tire of it but just find it v.innovative and fun at mo.fadein11
    • agreed. so easy to get moons, it took away the reward of doing anything in the game.inteliboy
    • I dunno, a lot of moons were easy but some were super hard to get, especially some of the hidden ones in challengesdee-dubs
    • well lots of them were hard to get, but there was also lots in every level that they basically hand to you. idk it kinda ruined it for me.CygnusZero4
    • i liked in 64 where each level had 5 or 6 in them, but there was usually just 1 main one. in MO theres lots of main ones. hard to know what the real goal isCygnusZero4

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