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    Punches for this douche marrying my dream woman (Emily Ratajkowski). He asked her after only 2 weeks. And she seems not the brightest by agreeing to it. By the looks of it she already regrets it. The guy is all over her. In every photo he tries to kiss her and is so clingy. Which is probably why he was so desperate to marry her asap. Had no idea who that guy was before.

    • his feathers are just about ready to fall out.utopian
    • Brush yourself off and forget about this obviously crushing event - she's a boring stick with tits - plenty more titty sticks in the sea, man.face_melter
    • Yes as if I ever had any chance of being with her anyway.M01XXX
    • Oh and you call her boring? I find her the hottest woman on the planet. Amazing body, amazing (and non silicone natural tits), beautiful face & eyes.M01XXX
    • So, who is that guy? As for her, she's cute. Could be hot if she had meat on her bones.Maaku
    • She's hot as hell...but seems like a pain in the ass.BusterBoy
    • She's not that hot.cannonball1978
    • lol utopianGuyFawkes
    • You think she can't be boring because she's hot. When did QBN start letting teens in?i_monk

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