Oscars 2018

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  • Ramanisky213

    get a room you 2 ...

    • With Walken in the room as well!mugwart
    • awnotype
    • These too deserve a room!mugwart
    • *two (sorry!)mugwart
    • maybe it's all part of a new Key & Peele skit/movie mocking the Oscars?Krassy
    • I remember when Oscars where exciting, a big event. Haven't watched in years. But maybe because I lost all interest in movies. Also hate all super-hero movies.M01XXX
    • *wereM01XXX
    • I've never ever watch Oscar live... Or even finished the entire show. All anyone cares about is who won.pango
    • my dumbass mother-in-law complained "I didn't like the dresses this year, usually they do them better."monospaced
    • lol mono, that does pretty much sum up the Oscars though.fadein11
    • I don't know what the fuck her thought process was. Is she thinking the Academy has anything to do with the wardrobes? ffsmonospaced
    • nice way to speak about your inlaws, dude... lolPonyBoy
    • of all the things people say and admit on this site, and that's the one that gets you? lolmonospaced
    • I have nowhere else I can say that, actually. I love you guys.monospaced
    • speak your mind, man... haha... I could just never see myself referring to my mom-in-law as a "dumbass"... maybe a "badass" :)PonyBoy
    • your mother-in-law sounds coolmonospaced
    • actually, mono's mother-in-law sounds cool and a badass! she is the one who gets it.chukkaphob
    • is that the drug dealer or corey feldman?oey
    • haha! that's Skrillex. LOL!Krassy
    • “But you said that though?
      You said it?”
    • "Huh? ummm, ohh .. oh yeah I said it"Ramanisky2

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