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    I'm taking an 8 week sketch comedy writing workshop and everyone sends their scripts over before the class (Mondays). Week one, I actually got a chuckle out of my stone faced instructor. He doesn't give laughs out for free. We do table reads on all the material in session but I can't help but read what comes through beforehand. I was stressed about my work all week until I read the first two that trickled in tonight/morning. I'm definately not going to be the worst on week 2 so I'm relieved enough to sleep. I've been filling my notebook with quick ideas and pitches to get ahead, only one or two are fleshing out into 4-5 page script a week which is required. I know I need to work faster to turn all those ideas into meaty dialog and more complete sketches for professional work. But, honestly after working alone and freelance for so long, it's a win just to work around other people in a writers room environment, collaborate, and trade feedback.

    I am completely paralyzed with anxiety about of one requirement of the class which is creating and performing a solo character sketch live in front of an audience (not just the class) before the 8 weeks is up. I love writing characters but not performing them. I'd rather cast someone else. I totally understand how helpful, say, improv or performing your own work is, especially at this level. But, I am painfully shy among large groups and having all eyes on me. I don't even like going to parties with lots of people. I stutter, and trip over my words, and I just want to disappear. I fucking hate it. I never want to be an actor -- ever ever ever. I just want to write.

    • i guess it's so you get an insight into the audience dynamic - what makes them laugh or not, timing etc etc, rather than trying to turn you into a standuphans_glib
    • Ya i think I get that from a writers room table read tho. If I get this scholarship again, the next level writes for other actors. that's more appealing to me.shellie
    • I do not seek eyes on me like that. It literally makes my body recoil. I don't think that's going to be received swimmingly -___- even if the writing is good.shellie
    • join some improv class now. you must be able to find one nearby. let go of yourself at that one - don't give a second thought to screwing upGnash
    • Gnash I just don't want it. Like I just don't at all. I feel weird bc ppl around me do but I don't genuinely. The school I go to has a great improv program.shellie
    • you'll kill it, i'm sure.Gnash
    • Thanks tho G.shellie
    • did you ever do anything with an old script of yours that you found on a floppy disc?Gnash
    • Not yet but I will eventually. I started writing a 2 new features instead that are almost finished now. and 2 finished shorts.shellie
    • Eventually I do intend to adapt the story to break the 4th wall as a writer speaking to 13 y/o self. Reading it feels like digging up a time capsule.shellie
    • good ideaGnash
    • Stand ups are horrifying.…
    • I get like that before I have to speak in front of a group. As long as you know your shit, which I'm sure you do, it always ends up fine after about 30 seconds.BusterBoy
    • Good luck shellie!BusterBoy
    • You're no Jim Carrey, so focus on the writing, not delivery. Like Steve Wright:…...
    • May I introduce, Steven Wright:…
    • Shellie, do what David Bowie did, create an alter ego of yourself to do your performing!robotron3k
    • Despite a few assholes, overall qbn is really supportive. I love y'all for that. It's really cool.shellie

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