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  • autoflavour0

    Roland Release TR-8 S .. like it’s some sort of fucking iPhone or something. Here is an idea .. just add these fucking features on the first drum machine.. nothing u have added is ground breaking technology.. u could have release all of this the first time.. instead of instantly junking the value of existing hardware.

    Although very appreciative that it not longer looks like some bad prop from Tron movies

    Also, blue platting bag girl is cute

    • Plastic bagautoflavour
    • "bogie"... interesting lyricsshapesalad
    • daft, but three roland boxes for the price of an elektron unit and on the same release schedule... they know what they're doing.kingsteven
    • I don't get how you properly compose music on these sorts of things. It's like making a website using squarespace, effectively stuck to a template.shapesalad
    • once you have something good, do you then mute each part and record it into a DAW and then mix it? etc. seems quicker/more flexible to go straight to the daw.shapesalad
    • For live it’s fun..autoflavour
    • Another Black&Green Tandy/RadioShack 90s Mixer style monstrosity!microkorg
    • Shapesalad, audio via USB into DAW gives you each output channel as a channel in Daw. This is a LIVE PERFORMANCE / JAMMING drum machine rather than ...microkorg
    • .. more of a composing thing like Push + Ableton Live. I can see it being great fun to jam with as it has lots of hands-on controls.microkorg
    • SD Total REcall is nice idea. But ANOTHER XOXO 606707808909 box. Really?!microkorg
    • meh. Wave Alchemy Revolution and a midi controller (or two) is better, imo.section_014
    • pocky.... pocky... pocky... oohaaah... pocky... pocky... pocky... oohaaah... pocky.... pocky... pocky... pocky... pocky...colab
    • pushin' and slidin' buttons and shitutopian

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