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  • bainbridge2

    I don't think my FB and Instagram accounts are even linked.

    How do I get IG to stop suggesting random hot girls I've FB stalked once?

    This is creepy.

    • Stop talking to random hot girls on Facebook.pango
    • ^ I just viewed a few profiles of some women I met recently. Not even friending or talking too. But yeh.bainbridge
    • I'd imagine if you signed up with the same email address. FB owns Instagram, they're basically the same platform at this point.shellie
    • they matched email or/and your phone number or your contacts.
      also add whatsup to the mix, they all feed the same data pool.
    • damn uan that's scary.notype
    • they do follow you even if you log out. You need to install apps to stop this. But as shellie pointed out - they own everything!mugwart
    • That's because FB are crooks, they track you even if you're not on the site. Should be illegal and FB fined hard for doing this.M01XXX
    • ^ true but lol will they bemugwart
    • it would not surprise me if FB/CIA/NSA are closer than we all think but hey ho!mugwart
    • @mugwart what do you got to hide from FBI/CIA/NSA ?chukkaphob
    • dont want to sound triggered but everything!
      Them building a profile of you, me, everyone builds pretty terrifying algorithms.
    • they can know immediate futures and then can herd humanity like ways we have never had before. They basically becomes Gods.mugwart
    • they control our thoughts in the end due to catered content.mugwart

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